???They know everything. They have been given and told everything!???

‘They know everything. They have been given and told everything!’

This statement is often provided to me through discussions with companies and/or businesses that require Safety Programs to be delivered in their organisation.

However, Senior Managers from organisations often do not see that Safety Culture come from the top, yes this is a cliché but Safety is not an innate behaviour (meaning you are not born with the knowledge and awareness of safety in the workplace). Safety is a learned behaviour and when we are young and at school, we are taught several types of safety behaviours including stranger danger, road safety, food safety, allergy safety etc.

Safety should be an ongoing education program that is developed and delivered constantly throughout the employees working life.

Buying a package, program without ongoing facilitation, communication and consultation is not going to work unless the above statement mentioned is, ‘We have embedded X, Y and Z to ensure safety is discussed constantly in a positive manner and our work environment encourages safety to be a priority in the workplace’.

How would I know any of this? I have worked in organisations that Safety ‘IS’ a priority and safety is at the forefront of the majority of employees mind. It comes from Leaders whom are positive on safety, who are willing to listen and to implement safety measures to ensure all employees are safe in their workplace.

My team and I have also succeeded in implementing a positive safety program in workplaces. YES it can feel like a long drawn out process; however a safety program can change the life of individuals if it means that they arrive home safely.

Incidents and near misses not only cause physical pain and sometimes death. It can also affect individual person’s mental state and affect not only the individual but colleagues, employers, family and the community.

PLEASE, don’t assume that everyone knows everything that everyone has been told everything and especially everyone understands everything. The message is, Safety is a constants education process and it saves lives.

Sonia Fernandes


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