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Win the business you want

Tender Writing

Hunt for new tenders

Encompass Business Solutions team know tenders. We know your industry. We save you time by searching for suitable tenders on your behalf and recommending the best for your business.

Write and submit targeted tenders

Encompass Business Solutions team write powerful tenders so you have the best chance of winning. The entire process is managed for you including submission and progress tracking. We love winning tenders for your business and we keep the champagne chilled in anticipation.

Get the most out of the tenders you win

Encompass Business Solutions project manage your new work to maximise the benefits to your business from the outset of winning the tender.

Encompass Business Solutions help you:

- Develop program plans

- Program plant, materials and labour

- Assess best practice delivery mechanisms

- Track financial position

- Track physical progress

- Assess staff capabilities and opportunities

- Advise on client liaison strategies

- On-site supervision

- On-site/Off-site Audits